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omylola digital storytellerHi! My name is Lola, and I am the principal of Omylola. I am a digital storyteller, who excels at finding creative ways to make your brand story stand out from the rest. I have over four years of marketing experience, including being an Account Executive at a multicultural agency, overseeing the social media properties of a Fortune 500 company, and taking on multiple marketing projects over the years.

Working with me, you will find out fairly quickly how much I enjoy helping you become the premiere brand of your industry. Whether you are a independent chocolatier, local bar owner, or a vegetarian fare chain — I will help you take your brand from locally owned to well known!

While I have many hobbies, my deepest running passion is related to personal finances. You can’t get to launch and own your business without understanding a thing or two about personal finances. I share my thoughts from time to time on my blog.

Now you know a little more about me (minus whether or not I enjoy walks on the beach — um, yes!). Read my mantra below to get a glimpse of how I work, where I’m at, and the direction I’m heading.


Approach challenges head-on.

Learn. Learn. Learn.

Seek outstanding opportunities

Be the best marketer.

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