Happy Birthday to omylola

Happy Birthday to Me! One Really Smart Birthday Lesson

birthday lesson

What I enjoy most about a birthday, is that you pushes you to pause and reflect deeply on lessons learned, experiences had, and to sometimes ask what’s next. In my past 30 *ahem* plus years, I’ve picked up on one really smart birthday lesson that I thought I’d share.

As you age (very sexily of course), you realize again and again how utterly important it is to take care of yourself.






To own your desires. To pursue your heart. To love yourself.

You only have one life to live, right? It may confuse people, or appear bizarre at times when you do you…but honestly who the hell cares? It’s your life. No one else’s.

You alone absorb the wins, losses, joys, heartaches, silliness and amazingly, impactful, beautiful lessons life doles out along the way. That’s what I’ve learned, and what I’m learning. So, Happy Birthday to me. What’s my really smart birthday lesson? While pursuing your dreams whatever they be: being the next Beyoncé (or at least her backup dancer), eating your way through a global brunch hop in your private jet, launching your own company, consciously embrace the journey that unfolds in front of you. I assure you that I’m doing the same. Embracing all parts of my life journey. Despite it all, I’ve loved it… because it’s mine.

Many of my beautiful friends sent me birthday wishes, messages, emails and tweets. Thank you, all were well-received. And most of all, thank you to all who travel alongside me in my life journey! “Where would I be without you?”

Birthday words to the wise: visit Hong Kong – it is an adventure worth taking, learn Chinese (everyone speaks it) and save your money while you are young(er), ha.

♥ from China/Hong Kong.