Twitter Tips: 3 Best Practices to Enhance Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter Tips: 3 Best Practices to Enhance Your Twitter Strategy

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Twitter. I love it. I really don’t like to play platform favorites (ahem), but the 140-character conversations, breaking news, and opportunity to engage a wide-range of people is what draws me back multiple times a day. I find myself puzzled by the simple mistakes people make while crafting tweets, and have decided to share three best practices to increase Twitter engagement. Engaging these best practices will help increase your online visibility.

1. How long is too long?

Stick to 120 characters, but no less than 100. Research from Dan Zarella of Hubspot, shows that tweets between 100 to 115 characters have a 34% higher chance of being Retweeted. Why? Because it provides room for people to engage your content, and share their thoughts in front of your tweet, like “oh yeah” or “+1” or “#cosign.” Rule: Stop maximizing to the 140 character limit.

2. Upload to Twitter vs Instagram.

Look. Twitter changed their preview formula to ensure pictures uploaded through Twitter automatically show up in Twitter feeds. I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you share an image through Instagram, Twitter prevents an auto preview, and it only shows as a link. BUT, if you tweet with pic.Twitter (meaning, you upload the image directly through Twitter) followers can view the image without clicking anything. Hence, that person can make a snappier decision as to whether or not they want to share. My advice, do both. By doing both, you might be able to direct traffic to your Instagram account too!

3. #Hashtags

It’s plain and simple. Use them. Why? It increases your ability to participate in Twitter conversations. Twitter uses hashtags to categorize tweets, and if your account is public – people can locate your tweets searching by hashtags you’ve used. If that isn’t a good enough reason, then how about this. Did you know that using hashtags can raise your Retweet likelihood by 55%?

By engaging some of these Twitter best practices, you can increase your visibility today. Contact me now to strengthen your social media strategy!