Veggie Bennys at The French Press

Denver’s Best Local Restaurants

Denver’s Best Local Restaurants! Time To Eat!

Denver kicked off to my West to East Coast Fall trip that includes Pittsburgh (here!), New York, an epically amazing cruise with my bestie Sheena Lashay (alright now Nova Scotia), and a guaranteed joyful meetup in Charlotte tucked in-between. So, you know I had to eat at all their best local restaurants during my visit!

winnie the pooh food gifPay attention. If you’re heading to Denver anytime soon, you absolutely MUST sample the local food scene. During my weeklong visit, I ate across the food spectrum (looking like Winnie the Pooh at each meal). Denver boasts a beautifully diverse array of foods that meets just about everyone’s needs. Vegetarians, meat lovers, Malaysian food lovers, all of those in between… whatevs, y’all will be happy.

Here are the top five places I enjoyed:

1) The French Press – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

IMG_3792Over 200 reviews let me know me that this place had pancakes to die for. They were right. My zucchini pistachio pancakes were DELISH, but eh… not necessarily photo-op ready. However, the Veggie Bennies not only appeared AH-mazing, but tasted equally so. You must order that when you stop by. Don’t bother telling them Lola sent you, I don’t think they know me like that.

2) The Buff RestaurantIMG_4006

I just needed to slip this place in while I am talking about brunch. My apologies, because the restaurant is in Boulder. I suffered through a tremendously long two hour hike in Boulder (while burning millions of calories because I’m getting ready for my cruise), and I needed to reup my protein levels before heading to our next adventure.

This place not only had the most delicious breakfast food… but The Buff has ridiculously large portions, and basically free mimosas. If you can’t find the coupon (Hint: Foursquare) don’t worry the Mimosas AND Bloody Marys are only 99 cents during the weekend. Can’t really beat that. Amirite?

2) Jaya Grill – Spiccccyyyyyyyyy

I have a slight obsession with everything vermicelli and brothy. My Denver friends and I tried two curry vermicellislightly different Southeast Asian (think Malaysian) restaurants, and Jaya Grill stood out with superior food. The Singapore Curry Laska I ordered hit the spot. So many flavors, and each bite was just about *perfect*! I am NOT going to mention the other place, because I feel bad they were so terrible. However, explore on your own if wish.

4) Root Down


For a sexy dinner, with charming outdoor seating that allows you to embrace the beautiful Denver mountainous air, Root Down is your answer.

The group was split 50/50 vegetarians and meat eaters and everyone left pleased. I ordered the Mussels. Sorry it was too dark to snap a better photo on my iPhone. I thought the Mussels were to be served in more of a “soup,” and a larger scoop of couscous would have been appreciated. That’s my only misgivings. However, the restaurant served sufficient portions. Oh, and the mussels bathed in a delicious red curry sauce that took me to a happy food place.

Side note: Probably the best service I had! Thanks Root Down.

5) City o’ City

Last but not least, I am rounding out the list with a Denver local favorite, City o’ City. I celebrate their beer choices and the delicious Seitan Wings I consumed. Yum. I could go on about how each “wing” was covered with the perfect amount of buffalo sauce. A local favorite, reasonable prices, and tasty choices makes City o’ City worth the visit.

The Random but Real tidbit: Park a block or two away, and grab your camera. While walking, you will discover plenty of picturesque moments. Peek in the alley running alongside the Buffalo Exchange too. You’ll love it.

Have any other Denver local eateries to add to the list? Send me an email lola at omylola dot com, I’d love to stop by!