#30Layers30Days – Day 10 – Abundance

I’m taking up the Abundance challenge!

I’m a huge fan of discovering writers who will inspire me and cultivate the writer, creative and explorer that I am. Not only writers, but general inspiration too. I always seek new ways to push me, my brand and my work to a new level. I found inspiration in GG Renee (Blogger at All The Many Layers). You definitely need to 30Layers30Days - Day 10: Abundancecheck her out. Her 30 day challenge began almost a month ago, and I am starting with Day 10… Abundance (Although today is Day 25 haha!).

GG Renee writes… “Write a list of affirmations that invite abundance into your life. Abundance of health, money, ideas, time, love, compassion, growth, whatever it is you seek. Use your words to invite that energy into your life so it feels at home with you.”

It’s a way to be transparent about what I want and need across all areas of my life. Transparency, well… it’s good. This is the type of relationship I like to have with most people I know, clients that I partner with included! If you’ve spent any time with me, you quickly discover I don’t have much to hide.

So, here goes it…My affirmations.

I am a creative individual. I am intuitive and passionate. I have access to endless amounts of creative energy for myself and my clients. I pursue passionate, honest and deep connections. I am a beautiful woman who is fulfilled. I am blessed. I am blessed with smart, trusting, amazing clients. I am blessed with wonderful, deep and connected friends. I am blessed with opportunities to expand myself.

I am filled with the overwhelming ability to use my skills, creative talents, time to increase my flow of money. I have a secure flow of financial abundance, and it increases with hard work and continued efforts I put forth.

I am filled with joy.

I find affirmations to be a positive way to remind me of what I have; and empowers me to pursue what my dreams.

What moves are you in the process of making or desiring to make? What is your affirmation you need to write down? Try out this abundance prompt from GG Renee, and let me know how it goes. You can find me at: lola at omylola dot com.